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DigitalDotts Digital Sign Network: Amplifying Your Brand's Reach

Elevate Visibility with Every Display

Join the DigitalDotts Digital Sign Network and transform your space into a beacon of engagement and communication.

As low as $ per month!!

Join Our Network Become a part of a growing network that puts your brand in the spotlight.

DigitalDotts - Where Your Message Meets the Masses

TEXT (918) 239-1396


Annual Fee $120

Set Up $395 $295


What You Need

  • A TV with an HDMI input and WiFi internet connection. 

  • Wall mount to properly display your sign.


Set Up

  • Customized design: I will work with you to create a digital signage design that reflects your brand and messaging.

  • Content creation: I can help you create compelling content, such as graphics, videos, and animations, to showcase on your digital sign.

  • Includes: Amazon Fire Stick

  • Maintenance and support: I provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your digital sign is always running smoothly and your content stays up-to-date.

  • Cloud-Based Software: The digital menu system is powered by cloud-based software, which means that the menu content and settings are stored and accessed through remote servers on the internet. The cloud software acts as a central hub for managing and controlling the digital menus.

  • Access Portal: You will have complete access to your signs playlists, content and schedule.

Benefits of digital signage:

  • Attention-grabbing: Digital signs are dynamic and visually appealing, which makes them more likely to grab attention than static signs.

  • Cost-effective: Digital signage is a cost-effective way to communicate with your customers, as it eliminates the need for printing and distributing physical signs.

  • Customizable: With digital signage, you can easily update and customize your content to match your business needs and promotions.

  • Versatile: Digital signage can be used in a variety of settings, including retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Drew Haley | 918-239-1396 |

Digital Sign Example 1
Digital Sign Example 2
Digital Sign Example 3

What is a Digital Sign?

A digital sign is a display screen that is used to showcase multimedia content such as images, videos, animations, and text in a digital format. It is a modern way of displaying information, advertising, and promoting products and services.

Digital signs are typically found in public places such as airports, shopping malls, museums, and stadiums. They are also commonly used in retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses to promote sales and specials.

Digital signs can be controlled remotely and updated in real-time. This means that advertisers can change their messaging quickly and easily, and businesses can provide their customers with up-to-date information about their products and services.

Digital signs come in various sizes and shapes, from small displays that can be mounted on walls to large-scale video walls that can be used as immersive experiences. They can be customized to suit the needs of individual businesses and can be used to enhance customer engagement and increase brand awareness.


What is an example of a digital sign

  1. Menu boards in restaurants and cafes to showcase food and drink items, specials, and promotions.

  2. Advertising screens in shopping malls and retail stores to display product offers and deals.

  3. Information kiosks at airports, train stations, and bus stops to provide arrival and departure schedules, directions, and wayfinding.

  4. Event displays at conferences and trade shows to showcase sponsors, agendas, and announcements.

  5. Real estate displays in property management offices and housing complexes to promote available apartments and houses.

  6. Digital directories in hospitals, schools, and universities to provide information on locations and room assignments.

  7. Wayfinding displays in museums and art galleries to guide visitors through exhibits and galleries.

  8. Digital billboards on highways and busy intersections to promote products, services, and events.

  9. Advertising screens in elevators and waiting areas of offices and commercial buildings to display news, weather, and company updates.

  10. Interactive displays in museums and amusement parks to engage visitors with games, quizzes, and educational content.

Digital Signage Software

Our digital sign software allows customers to manage their signs via the internet through a web-based platform. This means that they can access their sign content from any device with internet access, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The software offers a user-friendly interface that enables customers to create, edit, and schedule their content easily. They can upload images, videos, and text, and customize their display settings, such as color schemes, fonts, and layout.

Once the content is created, customers can schedule it to appear at specific times and dates, ensuring that their message reaches the right audience at the right time. They can also update their content in real-time, making changes as needed, and monitor their sign performance through analytics and reporting tools.

Overall, our digital sign software provides a flexible and convenient way for customers to manage their signs, allowing them to keep their content fresh and engaging while reaching their target audience with ease.

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