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A logo connects a brand to consumers.  Developing a logo that is simple and one that can be used for different applications is key to developing a brand and delivering a consistent message.  No matter how it's used - websites, billboards, newspapers, business cards, social media... a logo should be easy to identify. We are here for the small business owner that needs a simple and affordable solution. 

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Logos and icons will be delivered as a kit. File formats will be included that can be used in many forms of media. We are always happy to help if a situation should arise that requires a custom size or color.

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Horizontal - Color, Black & White

DD Color Logo72.png
DD Black Logo72.png
DD White  Logo72.png
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Stacked - Color, Black & White

DD Color Logo stacked72.png
DD Black Logo stacked72.png
DD White Logo stacked72.png
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ICON Color, Black & White

DD Color Icon72.png
DD Black Icon72.png
DD White Icon72.png
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Logo Animation

Logo animation Overlay on video